I’d just like to thank my art foundation course leader for telling my parents that its amazing I got into lcf, bigging up the course (saying all the links they had and how far people go who do it) and generally being amazing and telling then how hard I had worked for it :) my uncle rang me this morning to look at the university and see what he thinks. LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION HERE I COME!

So I went to my Nottingham Trent interview yesterday because even though I don’t want to go there it was originally my first choice. My thoughts were ‘just enjoy the interview and be chilled, you got into lcf nothing matters’ but then it all went shit. I got there and they signed me in and told me to follow the signs to the atrium where I should wait. It got to 2 o clock and they called names off a register (mine wasn’t on there) I told them it wasn’t and they were all ohh just wait your name will be called by someone else. It got to 2.50 still my name hadnt been called to check I was there and there was no one to ask so when the lady interviewing came back I politely asked her again then showed her my letter which said I was meant to be interviewed by panel four. She was confused and told me there was no panel four and she’d put me on the bottom of someone else’s list. By this point I was feeling panicked. My auntie had driven me all the way to Nottingham from Oxford and I needed to do the interview and she was waiting. All I wanted to do was go home I felt like crying. Then I got into my interview and they were like ‘I’m the leader of the fashion design course this is the leader of the fashion design knitwear course he’s here to see if you’d be more suited to knitwear’ and my first thought is fuck off! If I wanted to do knitwear I’d have applied for knitwear and I didn’t take a year out to do foundation and work out what I want to do for you to reject me from the course I want to do then fill up spaces on another course that is undersubscribed. But I kept my mouth shut answered their questions when they both basically flicked through my portfolio and then when I asked them questions at the end one of them was about the year out in industry they do. The course leader told me it was optional and you were discouraged from doing it because your class then goes on without you. So when he spoke on the open day he didnt mean any of the stuff he said ya know. All in all a disaster. By the end I just wanted to cry and punch a wall.